Jet Konnect web check-in facility

Jet Konnect web check-in facility offered by the airlines at time can create confusion in the minds of the passengers. Therefore, it is better to know the dos and the don’ts of the facility so that one is aware of the features facility and plans accordingly. Once the passengers have, their seats confirmed they can opt for the facility of web check-in and thereafter can make a few changes online. It is imperative to note down that only e-tickets are eligible for such a facility and not the passengers holding TAT ticket or the normal paper printer tickets.

The passengers cannot offload themselves through online web check-in

Another option that cannot be exercised in the process is to change the choice of seats. At the beginning of the process of web check-in, the passengers are allowed to select the seats as per tier preference. In case there are seats available then the same are allocated to the passengers as per their choice. However, later on there is absolutely no way that the choice of seats can be changed under any circumstances.

On a single PNR number, the Jet Konnect web check-in facility offered by the airlines allows a maximum of just 7 passengers and 3 segments per passenger at a time.

Passenger having separate PNRs will have to carry out separate web check-ins for each PNR

It is necessary for the passenger to reach the airport and complete his check in anytime between 48 hours to an hour’s time prior to the departure of the scheduled and designated flight.

In case of an eventuality wherein the  passenger has forgotten his Jet Konnect web check-in facility boarding pass then he or she shall be issued a new one at the counter located just outside the Airport or at the web check-in counter provided the photo identity of the person is established to be genuine and after completing the verification process.
One needs to extremely careful about the Jet Konnect web check-in facility offered by the airlines.

It is imperative to know the rules and regulations in order to make sure that as the passenger you follow all the rules in a proper fashion. The failure to do so can cost you dearly. You will not only lose the chance to travel and fulfill your commitments but will also have the amount of the ticket wasted as well.

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Jet Konnect has become one of the most preferred airline services in India

Jet Konnect has become one of the most preferred airline services in India, especially among those aspiring to travel through air within budget. The airline is able to offer high quality service to its passengers at a fraction of cost. Not only this, they are also keen to make air travel easier and more convenient for the travelers, and that is why, they allow the passengers to do a multitude of tasks right through their website.

Jet Konnect has a full-fledged website that allows you to do a multitude of tasks. The best thing about this facility is that you can carry out the needed tasks for your air travel right from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. Some of the facilities that you can avail through Jet Konnect website include:

Browse through the available flights: If you are planning to travel through a Jet Konnect flight, you can visit their site, browse through the different flights flying to your destination of your preferred dates, compare their amenities and rates, and choose the one that best suits your requirements, preferences and budget.

Book e-tickets: Once you have chosen your best flight, you can instantly book your e-ticket by paying through online account or credit card. You will receive your e-ticket in your email, which you can print out instantly, or save to print out later.

Check PNR status: In case you have a waiting ticket, you can check your PNR status right through the Jet Konnect website. All you have to do is to enter the flight details and your PNR code, and your PNR status will be instantly displayed on your screen.

Web check-in: Jet Konnect is one of the first airlines that allow their passengers to check-in through the web. Check-in at the airport takes 1-2 hours, as you have to wait in long queues for your turn. To do a web check-in, just visit their website, enter a few passenger details, and check-in through the web. A link to your boarding pass will be sent to your email address or mobile phone through SMS. You have to click on that link and print out that boarding pass for future reference.

Make your choices: Unlike other ways of booking flights, doing that through the Jet Konnect website allows you to select your favorite seats, order special meals, or request special arrangements for people with special needs.

So, if you want to enjoy all the comfort that Jet Konnect has to offer, then consider doing your travel related jobs through their official website.

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